Sunday, 29 January 2012


I’m back in Ooty after a week with Cyril and Gita. As part of the ongoing biography project, Cyril organized interviews with people who had known George, and family members on his father’s side; and Gita interviewed them. It takes time to dredge out half-buried memories. I listened to the mp3 file of my own interview, and am surprised I could ramble so long and say so little. But after 1967, when I joined the IAS, I had little contact with my mother and siblings in Hyderabad. There were no mobile phones, for one thing – not that my mother would have been caught dead with one.  
That brings me to the purpose of this blog: to let people ‘out there’ know what we and like-minded others are doing: to make sure George does not remain unsung, if not unwept and unhonoured. I am sure there are a lot of people who knew George, knew what made him tick, and want to talk about it. Others may have an insight into how Razakar-dominated Hyderabad turned into today’s property developers’ paradise; and put Osmania University in the forefront of both revolutionary and reactionary politics. Last but not least, a final solution to the question: WHO ORDERED GEORGE’S KILLING AND PROTECTED HIS KILLERS?
We don’t know your present location, you may not even know us, but your contribution will be invaluable. Feel free to make posts on this blog, but if you prefer the personal touch, call up Cyril at 08413232043 or Gita at 094411559721. Don't worry if your memory is not what it used to be: your account may trigger someone else's.
Karl Reddy.


  1. Banda Canteen Broadcasts
    Reminiscences of George Reddy
    (Budding Physicist and Revolutionary)
    By : Asvini Kumar; 26 pages , 6000 words
    Adobe Acrobat 7.0 PDF file!187&parid=7D6509F88278ADB9!103&authkey=!ADOKRDr77Mwo7qM

  2. Some basic google search on the documentary 'Crisis on the Campus (1971)' shows that it was made by one Rabindra Dharmaraj (who also made the 1981 movie 'Chakra' with Naseeruddin Shah and Smita Patil). Unfortunatley, looks like Rabindra Dharmaraj has passed away in 1981 prior to the release of his first movie.

    Following is a link to his Geni page

    I am just hoping we could somehow get access to the documentary, if we manage to get in touch with someone/anyone related to or was friends with Rabindra Dharmaraj.


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