Friday, 3 February 2012

in plain sight

George was killed in front of the APSP (Andhra Pradesh Special Police) guard stationed 24/7 in the Engineering College hostel. These policemen did not apprehend any of the killers on the spot. They identified the killers later, yet the Additional Session Judge ignored their testimony.
These policemen were not even charged departmentally for negligence. Wouldn't the outcome of the trial have been different if they had been charged with abetment in the criminal court? Any one of them would have been happy to turn approver and bring the conspiracy out in the open.
karl reddy

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  1. Nothing is more likely to get a conviction than insider testimony: a witness privy to knowledge only an insider could have. Yet the criminal justice system in India has no use for approvers. Torture is the only method for getting a confession. This has sanction in The Arthashastra.
    Caste determines the type of torture – certain methods cannot be used on a Brahmin – and even the punishment. But Kautilya only put into words what was a fact since time immemorial: caste is the sole determinant in the justice system. Justice would not be seen to be done if a Brahmin were convicted and a Chandala went scot-free.
    Consider, for instance, the turn the 2G Scam trial would take if A Raja were allowed to turn approver.
    margazhi mami


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